Challenge 18

Finding Your Place In The Team.


We are all uniquely designed for a specific task but sadly most people don’t find out what it is. We all have special gifts that we are born with and as we seek to develop these, we discover our niche in life. Often it is around the areas that we enjoy and find lots of pleasure in doing.

Humans are not designed to be islands separated by waters of fear, mistrust, jealousy and hatred. Instead when we are able to work together and support each other and enjoy each other commonly, it is then that we find fulfilment and purpose of life. To build a strong healthy team we need to choose people who think differently to us as this brings a healthy balance. If we only have friends that agree with all our ideas, then that has the potential to failure.

Modern technology has changed almost every aspect of friendshipStickmenChattingOnLine and so it’s no small thing to consider: What exactly is a friend? What types of friendships do I want? Who are my real friends? These answers deserve careful thought and reflection. No two people are going to come up with exactly the same definitions, categorizations and requirements. Whether we consciously know it or not, we all have a set of rules and definitions for friendship.

Most of these rules are so much an intricate part of us that we may get knocked for a six when our ‘friends’ do things that infringe on our rules; which could or could not be part of ‘their’ rules. So how can we sort out it all out?

Building a positive team of friends, could be one of the best things to happen in our own personal universe. Therefore it’s worth taking the time to understand what is in our own minds and heart. Possibly the best place to start is by taking the time to learn what the terminology of ‘friend’ and ‘friendship’ mean to each of us.

Cultivating Communication.

There are many different types of friends that we might have in the course of a lifetime. All have the potential to shape and improve our lives and allow us to shape and improve theirs. Above all else, friends of every sort and level are cultivated with communication of some type.

Within the world of technological marvels, there now are a greater number tools for meeting people, sharing interests and making all sorts of friends than have ever existed before. Whatever shape our friendships take, they’re only brought to life and sustained with communication.

It may take only a few words, a good deed or maybe a shared sorrow to bring a friendship into existence that can last a lifetime. On the other hand it may be the work of many years of conversations over countless cups of tea. The method is much less important than the quality of that communication. There are many ways to make friends and keep them. The length of time will vary but a special place for them will still remain in your heart.


Understanding Ourselves.

Although there are no right or wrong answer to these questions, knowing what your answers are will help you build the team of friendships for the kind of life you want:

What makes a good and true friend?

How should they treat me and how should I treat them?

What has to take place before I can trust them with my time, belongings and most intimate thoughts?

Are they really a friend if we don’t meet or spend time in the old-fashioned way?

If they are a friend on the Web just how open should I be with them? (An important thing to remember with this is usually they are just someone typing on the other end, also that visualisation is the greater part of how we preserve things in communication. Therefore, unless you are doing this via webcam it probably best not to take their friendship at typed value.)

Many friendships only grow over time in terms of trust and intimacy.ManWomanDrinkingNearCoffeeMaker You can wind up being friends with someone that you may not have thought when you first meet them. Friendship can sneak up on you, surprise you after years of acquaintance, it can also become much more than you ever expected. With some people you can have an almost instantaneous bond. There’s no set pattern, but if you take the time to learn what you need to get and give in a relationship, your chances of cultivating positive and lasting friendship is all the stronger.

We are only really strong when we know and understand our weaknesses. So finding our place in the team is to determine how to function alongside others who may not see eye to eye with you. However each person has strengths that are of value to the team and when we are able to harness all that positiveness, then the team can do great things. The combination of energies in coming together increases the momentum and value for each participant; therefore greater satisfaction is assured.

Designed as we are to cooperate and work together it is important that we incorporate all the unifying tools we can, to facilitate the feelings we enjoy of peace, contentment and satisfaction in our daily lives. When we promote goodness and well being in the community we attract others who are like minded that may also become potential friends or team members.

Discovering others in the community that are promoting help, trustworthiness and harmony, makes it obvious for us to get along side and be part of the team that is having this positive effect. When you are able to pool your natural abilities with others, there is unbelievable energy that can be used to make a huge positive difference. If you hold back and fail to link into what others are achieving in a positive sense, you will in fact be letting the team down.

When you know your purpose and function in the team, you will find a fulfilment and harmonious energy with both those around you and yourself.


Volunteering to help others in the community is often a good place to start. In this environment there are others working to fulfil their purpose as well. In linking together with others brings a great feeling of satisfaction comes after working alongside others that genuinely want to help someone else to achieve their purpose in life. We all take a risk when we trust, whether it’s in person or via the Web. There are always going to be individuals who will take advantage of our generosity and capacity for friendship. Nevertheless, it’s a risk that I consider well worth the undertaking.

There are basic precautions to be taken with any new relationship or even existing ones. A good dose of common sense goes a long way, but having said that, there’s a whole world of friends and team members to be discovered; and you can never know just where they are going to be found.

Can You See How You Fit Into The Team Of Finding Fulfilment And Purpose In Life?

Where on the scale below would you say you are right now?
Lowest 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Highest
What would it take to move you one number higher?

(It is important that you include your answer on the line)

Seeing that you can’t write your answer here. I would suggest that you download the word document from the link below.

This would also allow you to add notes about thoughts and feelings that you could review at a later date and see if or how they have changed.

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