Challenge 19

Helping Others to Fulfil Their Dream.


Dialoguing and conversing, to discover the dreams of others has a great positive outcome. Working together in cooperation is a wonderful thing, when effort is combined so much more can be accomplished.

As we share our dreams with others we find likeminded people; often their dreams fits into our own dreams; then with an open transparent relationship greater realization can be achieved.

As I have mentioned before developing of positive relationships is the most important thing that we can achieve during our life time. Sharing of dreams and encouraging others to fulfil their dreams is a great way to bond relationships.

Sometimes our dreams can be seen as not very important toWomanArtistPaintingSide us and therefore we tend not to share our dreams readily. In reality our dreams are an explicit part of who we are, also of what our purpose in life is. Our dreams comes from our gifts that we all individually have been given and when we use and express those talents our purpose of life is realised.

Helping others to realise their dreams along with the encouragement of pursuing the talents that they have been given, brings expectation and desire to their lives. Sometimes it is easier to see other peoples gifting and talents than it is for them to understand themselves. That is why as we endeavour to help others and they in turn help us, we together can see how our dreams can be fulfilled.

Harmony is a good word to express what can happen when we all do our bit to help others with the fulfilling of their dreams. When harmony occurs then we have a flow of positive feelings that in turn have a rippling effect upon our community. So continuing this process will improve relationships, also helping to build a better future for those that come after us. The bond of trust and companionship that is formed when working together allows us to find fulfilment and purpose. This then becomes a bond that will help stabilise both your life and those with whom you have bonded.

To help overcome the selfishness and greed that has become part of our western culture, we should try to develop a more sharing and caring attitude and that in turn will help to change the environment in which we live. So by cooperating and working together we will achieve positive results for both now and in the future. When this combined effort occurs it promotes positive thinking, well being, harmony and fulfilment of purpose. So let us enjoy travelling on this positive journey together and promote a better future for ourselves and those who follow.

In positive thinking, you cannot pretend because there’s no one to pretend to.

How Good Are You At Helping Others Find And Fulfil Their Dream?

Where on the scale below would you say you are right now
Lowest 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Highest
What would it take to move you one number higher?

(It is important that you include your answer on the line)

Seeing that you can’t write your answer here. I would suggest that you download the word document from the link below.

This would also allow you to add notes about thoughts and feelings that you could review at a later date and see if or how they have changed.

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