Challenge 17

Honouring One Another.


Honour is a word that is not commonly used today in western culture, as selfishness and greed are promoted through the demanding of rights and how I feel, being the main guidance sought.

In many Asian countries honour is high on the importance, as the basis for human relationships. It means to esteem others for the value and gifts they bring to human kind. To value others rights and to understand the responsibility we all have, for stimulating harmony and peace with each other.

To honour is to give preference to another or give others better advantage, rather than we being selfish and demanding what we want.

Dictionary Definition÷ To esteem or hold in respect. 2: To show respect for 3: To confer distinction upon—to honour is to uphold or defend a good reputation of another.

When we speak positively to and about others it builds success in relationships that have a rippling affect across the whole community in which we live. When we build up other people it only strengthens relationships. It is important that we speak and deal truthfully in an honourable manner, so that we can be strong, but it also strengthens the broader community.

It seems so easy to pull down, like the Australian ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’. Unfortunately we accept so much negative about others from the Media and the ‘Community Grape Vine’. So much of this information is negative garbage that we do not need to know, that is constantly bombarding our minds to our own determent. This then blocks our ability to speak and act in a positive honouring manner. Therefore we need bring about a change or this will continue for the rest of our life.

We can accept the norms of our society or we can stand up and thus raise the level of those accepted norms. True normality is to work and live in harmony, peace, joy and happiness that promote a better lifestyle that will in turn positively affect our whole community.

Be aware that when we try to make a stand for better lifestyle we will find opposition, as there are always some who don’t want to have anything to do with change. As we mentioned before it takes discipline and hardship to make changes happen.

It is not impossible, just hard work; like swimming upstream against the popular flow of belief and accepted values. Your effort plus others who take up the banner can make a difference to the world that we live in. Let us make our life count for a change to positive living, bringing in the values of life that are focused on the positive not on the negative.

Thinking of other people’s best interest above our own, sets the foundation upon which a solid continuing community can function. When we pursue a selfish and self centred life, we block out the rest of the community, so that sharing and caring that are two vital components of healthy relationships is missing; leading to a relationship break down. When we honour others in our life’s journey, we actually discover the real value of relationships and how important it is for us and others to live enjoyable fulfilling lives of harmony and purpose.

We humans are incredible beings with both the intricacies of our body plus the ability to use reason and creativeness. So for this reason we need to honour one another as we all have a built-in value with unique gifting to be able to make a positive difference in this world in which we live.

How Well Do You Honour Other People?


Where on the scale below would you say you are right now
Lowest 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Highest
What would it take to move you one number higher?

(It is important that you include your answer on the line)

Seeing that you can’t write your answer here. I would suggest that you download the word document from the link below.

This would also allow you to add notes about thoughts and feelings that you could review at a later date and see if or how they have changed.

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