Challenge 05

The Chip on the Shoulder Syndrome!!!
(Unloading the Excess Baggage)


Quote÷ “Write your hurts in the sand and carve your blessings in rock.”

Unforgiveness is like a spiritual cancer that will eat you up inside until you deal with it. So often problems that seem so large, although in reality when we can look at them they are only a few small ones. As I have said before, in the mind small problems tend to compound making them so large that they become a major hassle in our life. When we carry around in our heart this type of unforgiveness it affects all that we do and say, it especially has a negative impact in our minds and can severely affect our relationships.


The negative comments that have been spoken over all of us, especially as young children and growing teens, along with our other unresolved issues all help to block us from experiencing and achieving fulfilment within our lives; some of these could be generational. Meaning that what happen to your parents and grandparents is carried down to you; studies confirm that this can continue even up to ten generations.

We continue to carry this unhealthy junk around with us everywhere we go; we so desperately want to be rid of this unhealthy junk that we often blame other people for these unresolved issues that only we can resolve.

When trying to identify the problem, the best way is to be honest with yourself and determine your part. When I get my part of the problem to the surface then I can see where it all lays and the rest just works its way through and before I know where I am the problem has diminished.

You can unload any burden that you have been carrying around, because whatever caused the chip to be on your shoulder now belongs to you. It may have been someone else’s problem but you have taken it on board so it has now become your problem.

To have power over your own circumstances you need to be free of all negative attitudes and thoughts and be forgiving to yourself.

When we take on someone else’s problem it just adds to the baggage that we personally carry. We tend to carry all this baggage of unresolved issues, but we have become blind to the fact that it is now our problem not someone else’s. Unless we make particular effort to unload this baggage it will remain with us for all the rest of our life. It will continue to rob us of lasting valued relationships.


This baggage is so easy to get rid of, but we need to swallow our pride and get our part fixed, rather than wait for the other person to get their part right first. Take the initiative and unload your baggage, so that you are able to be released from the oppressive nature of this baggage. Just as a matter of interest the changing of locations rarely works; Can You Guess Why? It is because you take yourself with you along with all unresolved issues.

We are often carrying baggage that is not ours to carry. That baggage hinders the sustained development of relationships. Unless we can release ourselves from this baggage, we will carry it everywhere we go and eventually it will kill our spirit and cause us to feel we are of no value.

Letting go of this baggage will rejuvenate your life so you can find purpose and fulfilment and achieve the dreams of your heart. Taking up your right, to be a worthy citizen, in your community. Learning to give rather than take—Learning honesty over lies and back biting—Sharing kindness and selfless actions to others—Allow your heart to sing again and share that happiness with others---Promoting harmony and well being to all. “This is true reconciliation happening.”

Write down all the people that have hurt you or that have said nasty things about you. Like other people’s problems that you have taken onto yourself. e.g. Mum & Dad blame you for their breakup and you take on that blame but it is not yours to carry.

Let go of the bitterness, grudges, hurt feelings, bad experiences and resentments by writing them on a piece of paper, wrap the paper around a small stick and bind it on with a piece of jute string.

Walk to the park and light a fire (only if there is a fireplace suitable) or light a small fire in a metal bucket in a public place and put the sticks on the fire and burn the baggage and watch them burn. The burning symbolises the giving over of these problems to a higher power. As the flames consume the words on the paper, so those problems are given over and not held onto any longer. Stand in silence for two minutes and allow your mind to let go the past hurts as the flames burn and the smoke rises up just let them go.


Then read the following poem÷ The Power of forgiveness.

You have been wronged, you’re all tied up inside,
You’ve lost your focus and lost all you’re drive.
Forgive and let go, to get your power back,
Have life and vitality, you’ve been given the knack.

When you hold on to pain, then it is your foe,
You can't forgive and forget but you need to let go.
Life’s far is too short for grudges to hold,
Unforgiveness and anger only make you feel old.

Power comes when we forgive our foe,
Then give up our struggle and as we let go.
We are released from our pain and alarm,
The power of negativity will cause you no harm.

Resentment breeds anger, now this has to stop.
Forgive and let go, to get back on top.
As the fire burns, now let your troubles release,
Fly with the eagles with your mind now in peace.

“Remember Fix The Problem Not The Blame.”

This is overcoming and getting rid of the demons within you that try to negatively control you.

To have power over your own circumstances you need to be free of all unforgiving attitudes and unhealthy thoughts. When you are free you can then express yourself in a positive manner that continues to build and maintain harmony within yourself and your surroundings. Own up to your mistakes and learn from the mistakes, so your life will get better and better. We are human and mistakes happen but use them as a growing experience to benefit yourself and others.

To be Really Free We Need to Let It Go and Keep Letting Go as we Continue On The Journey of Life.

Have You Let Go Of All The Baggage Of Life That You Have Been Carrying?

Are you learning to forgive those that have wronged you?
Where on the scale below would you say you are right now
Lowest 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Highest
What would it take to move you one number higher?

(It is important that you include your answer on the line)

Seeing that you can’t write your answer here. I would suggest that you download the word document from the link below.

This would also allow you to add notes about thoughts and feelings that you could review at a later date and see if or how they have changed.

Click to Download as a Word Document.
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