The weakling says, “I’m beaten.”, but the fighter says, “not I.”

The shirker says, “It can’t be done.”, the worker says, “I’ll try.”

The laggard says, “He’s weary and must drop from the race.”

The plodder says, “Keep going at a good and steady pace.”

The pessimist, “When clouds appear, predicts a rainy day.”

The optimist declares, “He sees a gold streak in the grey.”

The grumbler says, “He’s sick of life and all it’s dull routine.”

The poet says, “Stars still shine, and all the grass is green.”

The cynic says, “This crazy world is rushing to its doom.”

The dreamer cries, “I see glory, peaking through the gloom.”

The doubter asks, “Where now is God? No sign do we perceive.”

And someone’s kneeling at a cross saying, “Lord I do believe.”

©Win Ivin.



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