If You Could Just Reboot?

Don’t you wish when things go bad and life, it don’t compute?
That all we really had to do was stop; and hit reboot.

Life would turn out alright and it would be complete,
If we had those unique keys; Ctrl, Alt and Delete.

You’re not working, can’t find a job, you’ll end up destitute.
Solve it all with just three keys and make your life reboot.

Kids are screaming, you’re feeling down and life is not so neat,
In no time at all, start again with Ctrl, Alt and Delete.

The jobs gone sour, bills mounting up, the misses, she’s just moot.
Just stop and hit those marvellous keys that make it all reboot.

You’d love to have a better life; you feel so incomplete.
To resolve it all and start anew; hit Ctrl, Alt and Delete.

© Gary Ivin.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”



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