In the entire world, God has created nobody else exactly like me. Everything about me is authentic, for I am an original, designed in God’s own unique pattern.

My body, feelings, thoughts, successes and failures are all mine, as are my hopes and dreams because I own them. My failures and mistakes are mine to dwell on if I choose but it is in my own best interests that I learn from them instead.

My actions whether they are for good or bad are also mine, I did them. I can however with courage and hope, look for the solutions to puzzles that are within me, I can strive to resolve them, putting aside those thoughts which I know to be unfit, keeping that which is good and searching for new and better idea’s to replace those which I have discarded.

And if my actions, at any time have caused any harm to myself or to anyone else I can try to resolve them if possible by asking advice from those I trust or if I cannot by seeking forgiveness from myself and my Creator.

Even if the world hates me, I can still love, therefore strive to achieve a place were I can be accepted by those who hate me.

I am functional, I think, I feel, I laugh, I cry, I have imagination, I have the ability to question, I can be productive and I can live in the world that is outside of myself even if sometimes I cannot make sense of it.

There is nothing that I cannot do; if I am but willing to try my best to succeed at it. I own me; I can love and be friendly to me and all that is within me.

I am who I am and I am OK.

© Gary Ivin.






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