How Right I Am.

Have you ever met a man?
That no matter what you say,
He always has an answer,
It’s always there, their way.

If you say that it is day,
Then he will say it’s night,
And no matter what you say,
He’ll insist that he is right.

No matter what the subject
On this you can depend,
That he knows all about it,
His mind, it will not bend.

He’s an expert on this,
And he knows all about that,
Don’t matter what you know about it,
You’re wrong! And that’s that.

If you’ve never met this man,
You’d know him if you had,
His full of hate and anger,
On the edge of going mad.

He does not want your pity,
He does not want your love,
He only screams and puts you down,
He’ll only push and shove.

This person has a problem,
No matter what he says,
He’ll tell you just how smart he is,
Until you walk away.

And if you are this person,
And you’ve read this little ditty,
Then you will disagree with it,
And that’s really quite a pity.

© Gary Ivin.





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